Sunday, April 8, 2012

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Review!

Arrived back in Baguio earlier this evening and I'm excited to make this review about Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion.

Description as per company:

Works to soften, smooth and improve the texture and condition of your skin. 

I have mine in Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin.

My review: 

First of let me say that my skin type is oily to oily combination depending on the weather, so you would think this would not be compatible with my skin type but this is really a great product for me especially during days when my skin is feels tight and pulling. 

It works great to moisturize the skin, it gets absorbed easily, does not feel heavy, and does not break me out. Really great product. I also use this sometimes on my eye are (even if I know I shouldn't do that). The texture is really runny and slightly sticky but the feeling goes away once it's absorbed.

Definitely great for normal to dry skin types. I want to try the one for oily skin but unfortunately this are just gifts given by my aunts. 

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm SO sorry!

I'm so sorry I can't really post anything right now, we're so busy..

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Time to Unwind!

With summer here already, and me going closer to summer, it's high time to go swimming!
I don't often have the chance to go swimming because in Baguio, it's not really a popular thing to do, not much anyway. But now that I've to Pangasinan we always need to go swimming at least once when we come here and that will finally be today! HURRAH! it's really something that I look forward to and one of the most important things to bring is sunblock. Lots and Lots of sunblock to protect my skin. I brought my ever trusted Nivea Sunblock with SPF 50, I hope this will be enough to protect me from the scorching summer sun.

I'm keeping my posts short because I can't really review any products here right now. I'll makeup for it once I'm back in Baguio.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Summer is so hot here in Pangasinan. I'm really having a hard time adjusting to the heat. Granted, we just arrive last night but really it's so hot and the sun's rays are so painful. This would be the perfect time to use products with high SPF that would provide a really good protection against the harmful rays of the sun. I bought Nivea Sparkling Whit UV Blocker before coming here to ensure max protection against the sun. I will only test this today, hopefully it won't give me breakouts, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

That's all  for today. I was going to post pictures but my phone is currently malfunctioning  and as soon as I am able, I will post pics here as well.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Skinfood Tea Tree Toner Review!

The Skinfood Tea Tree Toner for Trouble Skin!

According to label: 
Toner with tea tree oil and willow herb extracts effective for trouble areas

To use: Use after cleansing and exfoliating, apply toner on your face.

I purchased this toner when I ran out of the Etude house Ac Clinic Toner which took care of the breakouts that I had when I was going the gym. This toner does contain alcohol which is not really that bad since it helps remove deep seated dirt on the pores and it helps with removing all traces of remaining makeup and cleanser from the skin. 

Scent Wise: For me it smells like herbal medicinal, but its not as prominent as the EH AC clinic toner which really smells strongly of medicine, but I like both of their scents, since these are products used to take care of acne I think they're more effective because they smell like medicine, but of course that's just me. xD

Cleansing Wise: After washing my face and then using this toner, a yellow residue is left behind on the cotton that I use on my face, which I think proves how effective it is with cleaning the pores and removing dirt. It is slightly drying but it works great for me because my skin type is really oily.

Effectiveness against pimples and acne: I recently had a break out on my forehead and left side of my cheek due to the Missha PC bb Cream, admittedly I was using this toner prior to the breakout so I can say this does not prevent breakouts in my case, but what it does do, is to help lessen the redness and soreness of my acne which is really great because, when I get acne they're really bad cystic ones that itch like crazy and hurts like umfff! 

Will I repurchase: Probably not.. Thinking about going back to my EH AC clinic toner and gel lotion.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lip balms Review

This will be a comparative review between 3 lip balms that I have, EOS in Sweet Mint, Human ♥ Nature in Choco Fudge, and Maybelline's Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry.

Let's start with

 the Human♥Nature lipbalm, I need to start with this because this is the first lip balm that I really paid attention to.

 Scent wise: it's super yummy like a combination of chocolate and coffee (don't really know why it has a coffee like scent though), I love foody scents so this is a + for me.

Moisturizing Ability: moisturizes really well, no cracked and flaky lips in the morning and when I use it as a base even with my Sephora matte lipsticks, my lips still stay moisturized.

Next is the EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint, this is the second lip balm that I got. I've read alot of reviews that this is a really good lip balm, highly moisturizing and all that. Now for my verdict:

Scent wise: prominent minty scent, I really like this as well. It also has a cooling sensation on the lips ♥ love it

Moisturizing Ability: I did not really find this as moisturizing as the Human♥Nature lip balm. When i ran out of my H♥N one, i used this for day and night, my lips still cracks a bit. I dont know if its just me but it also doesn't moisturizes that well under lipstick. (I still choose the H♥N one to this)

Last but not the least:
Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip balm in smoothing cherry. 

Scent wise: I don't really find the cherry scent of this lip balm prominent, in fact i almost could not smell it the scent that I get is more of a chemically scent, also when I accidentally lick this, it has a bitter taste probably because of the SPF factor. This lipbalm has SPF 20 btw which is great to protect our lips from the sun.

Moisturizing Ability: I find this the most moisturizing among the three lip balms that i have. Super moisturizing and it will really bring back baby like lips. I leave it on overnight and in the morning, wow soft lips xD this is currently my fave lip balm even with the weird scent. 

The best lip balm that I've used to date would be Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm. I would definitely repurchase this, no questions asked.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review! 

According to Missha's website : 

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturising properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation. 

 MY Verdict :

Great product in achieving the no make-up look which is a look that I prefer. Also has great staying power despite the fact that I have really oily skin (oil mine hahaha).

The sent is really great as well. Some people might be bothered by it but I personally like the clean sent of it, it's so girly xD. Packaging wise, it's really hygienic because of the pump.


I think I also got the wrong shade, I got #21 when I should have gotten #23, but it still works for me because it oxidizes to match my skin tone.

As you can see it covers the veins on my hand but I used a lot of bb cream on my hand for this, if i use it for my face it just evens out the redness on my nose and forehead.

The bad side about it, it broke me out, big cystic acne on my forehead and left side of my cheek so I stopped using this and will probably try it again once the breakout subsides.

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