Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Skinfood Tea Tree Toner Review!

The Skinfood Tea Tree Toner for Trouble Skin!

According to label: 
Toner with tea tree oil and willow herb extracts effective for trouble areas

To use: Use after cleansing and exfoliating, apply toner on your face.

I purchased this toner when I ran out of the Etude house Ac Clinic Toner which took care of the breakouts that I had when I was going the gym. This toner does contain alcohol which is not really that bad since it helps remove deep seated dirt on the pores and it helps with removing all traces of remaining makeup and cleanser from the skin. 

Scent Wise: For me it smells like herbal medicinal, but its not as prominent as the EH AC clinic toner which really smells strongly of medicine, but I like both of their scents, since these are products used to take care of acne I think they're more effective because they smell like medicine, but of course that's just me. xD

Cleansing Wise: After washing my face and then using this toner, a yellow residue is left behind on the cotton that I use on my face, which I think proves how effective it is with cleaning the pores and removing dirt. It is slightly drying but it works great for me because my skin type is really oily.

Effectiveness against pimples and acne: I recently had a break out on my forehead and left side of my cheek due to the Missha PC bb Cream, admittedly I was using this toner prior to the breakout so I can say this does not prevent breakouts in my case, but what it does do, is to help lessen the redness and soreness of my acne which is really great because, when I get acne they're really bad cystic ones that itch like crazy and hurts like umfff! 

Will I repurchase: Probably not.. Thinking about going back to my EH AC clinic toner and gel lotion.

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