Friday, April 6, 2012

Time to Unwind!

With summer here already, and me going closer to summer, it's high time to go swimming!
I don't often have the chance to go swimming because in Baguio, it's not really a popular thing to do, not much anyway. But now that I've to Pangasinan we always need to go swimming at least once when we come here and that will finally be today! HURRAH! it's really something that I look forward to and one of the most important things to bring is sunblock. Lots and Lots of sunblock to protect my skin. I brought my ever trusted Nivea Sunblock with SPF 50, I hope this will be enough to protect me from the scorching summer sun.

I'm keeping my posts short because I can't really review any products here right now. I'll makeup for it once I'm back in Baguio.

In the meantime lemme share Kikaysimaria, Shimmerjang Andy, and Makeup by Ana Patricia's Finally! A Summer Giveaway!

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